Irina was born in St. Petersburg, Russia and began art school at 6 years old. She graduated from the prestigious Mukhina Academy with a degree in Industrial Design. She successfully sold her paintings in Russia and Scandinavia and moved to the US where she has worked in the fashion industry in Palm Beach since 1997.

With her great eye for fashion, design, and jewelry, Irina has traveled extensively in Europe and South and Central America. For the last several years she has focused on Asia, visiting Thailand and Bali several times, where she has collected great pieces and established working relationships with local artisans.

Her works reflect her love for nature, wildlife and wild places. Her own hand made fashions include hand painted silk wearables and unique T-shirts with her designs rendered in Swarowski Crystal.

Irina lives in South Florida with her husband, Paul, several cats, one very special lizard, and her soul-mate Nikki, an African grey parrot.